Co-Founder Message


Some call it a temple. Some choose to call it the abode of saints who heal. To some, it’s a last chance of survival. But to no one, is this just a hospital. In its genre, Tahir Medical  Center may well be one of the biggest hospitals in Karachi, but the fact that it’s one of the biggest hospitals, with a heart, is becoming legendary.

The rich come here for the world’s best heart care. The poor come here for the world’s kindest care, for no one here is turned away for lack of funds. We believe that no child should be deprived of the best healthcare solely because the parents cannot afford it.

Caring with Compassion, this hospital, is set to be transformed into the world’s biggest health city, with all super-specialities that the medical world offers. .

Thank you,

Dr. Bilquis Yusuf


Tahir Medical Center