Founder Message


Thank you for visiting our homepage and your interest in Tahir Medical Center. I have attempted to create a small place that leaps over time and space, a place where I am able to share with you my thoughts regarding the value and sacredness of life.

As I sit here writing this message, I look back at my life in retrospect, and realized that it as always about philanthropy, public service, and patriotism. Upon graduating from medical school and starting my own practice, I came to notice that there were countless amounts people who were in need of medical care but were not receiving proper medical treatments due to high deposits and costs. I knew that this was not right, and a change needed to be made.

Every life is a valuable life, and everyone has a right to life. Medical services should not be limited to those who can afford it, so I have made it my mission and vision to provide everyone the opportunity to live a healthy life.

Tahir Medical Center is committed to excellence in medical service and in creating a healthy community as well as a healthy world.

As a growing hospital hub of Northeast Asia, we pride ourselves in the quality of service, innovative technologies, and the warmth, respect, and value we have for life.

Thank you,

Dr. Muhammad Yusuf


Tahir Medical Center